Art Style Guide

Within this blog post you will be able to access our style guide, colour schemes and research process around our selected style for Luminary: Aztec. This blog post has been taken from the artist and developer Samantha Bland’s personal development blog.

With being the artist developer of the team, I’ve taken responsibility of all the art and illustrations for the project. Having said that, I will have to wait for certain text pieces to be created by fellow group partner, Jen Moodie. However, due to external circumstances, I’ve worked around these important pieces of text and completely created all the illustrations for the card game.

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Development: Semester 1

Luminary has been created throughout the last year of the University of Southampton Winchester School of Art’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Games Design and Art. Within the last year of this program, students can form teams over the months in semester one where research into different topics occur and students share and comment on everyone’s ideas and discoveries.

The beginning: Research

Adam’s Semester 1 Plan
Semester 1 plan given to students within the first week back at university. Illustration was created by Adam Procter.

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Phase One: Weeks 1 to 5.


Within this blog post, we’ll be focusing on Phase One: Week 1 – 5. Phases have been created around the different weeks along with links to each developers individual blogs who have personally documented their progress with Luminary: Aztec. The blog itself will update you on main events and important information, along with quotes from the developers blogs. To read the process of what the developers have been doing individually, please check out their blogs below;

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