Hello and welcome to the official Luminary website where you can access the progression and final design of the Aztec edition of Luminary.

With its own set of beautifully designed tarot-style cards, Luminary is a brand-new roleplaying table top adventure game, designed around the hierarchical world of cultism. Luminary is multi-dimensional, and versatile enough to be used for a variety of storytelling techniques.

Our first prototype, ‘Luminary: Aztec’ focuses on the world of meso-American culture. In the game, you play your way through a variety of event cards, responding to them as you see fit by sacrificing the cards in your player hand. Designed to be entertaining, for quick-play and party-play, Luminary can be used in both single player and multiplayer games to give an extra element of replay value.

On our official website you can access blog posts about our development of creating Luminary: Aztec, meet our two developers and what their roles, the final product of Luminary: Aztec containing a documentary and a trailer for our game and our contact information. Certain pages will be left blank as our game will be in development till the 13th June 2019.